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Craftshark Release!
Started by shawshark

Hello Craftsharkers,


I'm pleased to announce the return of Craftshark. It's been a long project over the last 2 years slowly rebuilding the server back together with help from some old Staff Members and old Players. As we are technically starting new again there will be some bugs with some features. Please report these bugs to this forum:


We're expecting a lot of our old players back and most of you will be donators, Now I haven't figured a way to enter all the ranks in automatically however I've still got a list of everyone that had supported our server from 2013 - 2017. If you would like your rank restored please post in the following forum: with the topic being '(YOUR USERNAME) rank restore'.


At this stage we don't have many servers released, In fact it's just Factions that is online, However Skyblock is being developed as of 5 days ago. We are open to ideas and things we can implement, You can post these ideas on the following forum:

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2 months ago