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Helmets   Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Eternal Light Permanent Night Vision 1 NORMAL Deep Sea Diver Permanent Water Breathing 1 NORMAL Swagger Gain strength but also become dizzy 2 NORMAL Magnet Attract items within a certain radius towards you 5 NORMAL Hard Headed Have a percentage to deflect an arrow 5 NORMAL     Chestplates   Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Tank Gain resistance when below 4 hearts 3 NORMAL Obsidian Laced Ignore explosion damage on hit (30s cooldown) 3 NORMAL Freezing Core Have a chance to add slowness 2 to your opponent 5 NORMAL Overlord Increase your health while wearing 5 NORMAL
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  Leggings   Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Natural Healing Gain Regeneration for 5s when hit 3 RARE Sugar Rush Gain speed while wearing these pants. x% faster 5 NORMAL Sneak Attack Teleport behind your enemy by sneaking when attacked 3 NORMAL Flaming Aura Have a x% chance to set your enemy on fire 4 NORMAL
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Boots   Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Double-Jump Have the ability to double-jump and take no fall damage 3 RARE Fight-or-Flight Gain speed when reaching 4 hearts 3 NORMAL Hot Feet Gain permanent fire resistance 1 NORMAL Featherweight Gain permanent haste 3 NORMAL       Pickaxes   Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Knowledge Have a x% chance to get 2x EXP while mining 5 NORMAL Autosmelt x% of blocks will be automatically smelted 5 NORMAL Ore Radar Detect nearby ores within a x block radius. 3 RARE
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When using our custom enchants menu please make sure you've got 40 levels of experience, you can check your level by looking at the number above your inventory/hotbar.     Bows Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Explosive Shoot exploding arrows 3 NORMAL Telebow Sneak and shoot to teleport to where the arrow lands 3 NORMAL Mega-Long Bow Instantly shoot an arrow every second and gain Jump Boost 3 NORMAL Pullbow Pull your target towards you 2 NORMAL Electrostatic Arrow Strike the hit target with lightning and deal true damage 5 NORMAL Sprint Drain Give your target slowness 1 and gain speed 1 3 NORMAL Scattershot Shoot multiple arrows every shot 3 RARE Thrust Every four hits, hit your opponent with Punch 4 NORMAL Homing Arrows home towards the nearest target within a given radius 3 LEGENDARY     Swords Enchantment Description Max Level Default Rarity Exploding Hit Creates an explosion on hit 3 NORMAL God of Thunder Every four hits, strike your opponent with lightning and take away a percentage of their health 4 NORMAL Combo: Stun Every five hits, stun your target in place 3 NORMAL Lucky Strike On hit, have a percentage to do 3x damage 3 NORMAL Sharpened Blade Do x% more damage 3 NORMAL Healing Touch Heal you and your target when hitting them 4 NORMAL
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